Welcome to The UCOVI Political Spectrum of Data

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You are about to answer 31 questions about the collection and use of personal data.
Each question is a statement describing a theoretical or real situation where it is used, or a statement about how it should be regulated.
Select one answer based on how much you agree with the statement, or how comfortable you are with the data collection reason and practice described in each case.

At the end, you will find out where you sit on the spectrum from "Protector" (super-stringent - my data is my temple) to "Liberator" (use all my data if it means better pizza delivery apps), based on your responses.

Enjoy the quiz!

Questions 1 - 4

1. Netflix use customers' viewing habits to create new shows.

2. Food banks will access government data to know who might need food

3. The police will be able to track anybody using their mobile phone location

4. Health services will sell medical records to drugs companies to find new medicines